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[RL - Semi-Blind Date with Gellert]

Albus was not entirely sure where he was.

Only a moment ago, he had been sitting at home reading idly, and not paying much attention -- and perhaps he had let his attention slip too far, because he now appeared to be in a restaurant. Not some small pub or tavern that might have been near Godric's Hollow, but a rather elaborate and sleek place that he could not recall ever seeing.

And even more strangely, he seemed to be wearing dress robes, rather than his usual day-to-day wear. How very peculiar.

He glanced around, confused, wondering if -- or, well, assuming -- the community was involved somehow.
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Gellert gave a hearty laugh at that - perhaps a little too loud for their surroundings but he didn't care.

"I think I am a bad influence on you," he winked.
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"I never feel ashamed of anything," he replies, leaning closer.
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"I like that word more than being called a troublemaker!" He grins, sitting back again.
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"And what other words do you think I am?"
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A laugh. "I do not see the point in being humble. Not when I know what I can do and how well I can do it."
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"You shouldn't be humble either. You're the most talented wizard I've ever met."
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"I'm just being honest," he replies simply.
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"I'd never think of you as foolish," he leans in closer as if telling a secret. "And I will never lie to you."